Here are many frequently asked questions regarding the camp. If you have any questions, e-mail Coach Ramsey or call him at (913) 489-9821.
Q: What time do you have to wake up each morning?
A: The first run of the day, which is not mandatory, is at 7am bright and early. The first session is at 9am.
Q: What should I bring to camp?
A: See the What to Bring list made by our camp staff!
Q: What if I'm a vegetarian or need to be gluten free?
A: Each meal has gluten free options as well as a daily pasta and salad bar.
Q: What is a sample day like? When do we wake up? When do we go to sleep? Is there free time?
A: See Daily Schedule.
Q: Where will we be staying?
A: See Lodging.
Q: Can I do my laundry at camp?
A: Yes, however rinse and dry methods are most popular for workout gear. Actual washing machines are available for $1.
Q: What's training like?
A: Training varies, including speed drills, hill and water workouts, in addition to distance runs. There are two workouts per day that runners may participate in only one of which is mandatory. Campers are divided into groups, based on fitness and ability. There will be no racing in any workout as this is the time of year to build a base and make sure that you are prepared for your cross country season.
Q: Is everyone at camp fast?
A: No! Runners of all ability levels will participate in the camp.
Q: Is there only one week-long session or are there two different sessions available?
A: This year's sole Colorado camp runs from Sunday, July 8 - Sunday, July 15, 2018.
Q: How much does the camp cost and how do I register?
A: The 2018 camp registration fee is $695 for new campers and $670 for all returning campers as well as all coaches. This price does not include transportation but does include every meal except for the first evening of camp. There are discounts for coaches with teams that have three or more campers. For more registration info, please see Registration.
Q: How do I get to camp and when do I check in?
A: See Directions & Check-In.
Q: Who is eligible for the $100 commuter discount?
A: Any camper or coach not staying with us overnight at the hotel is eligible for the commuter discount.
Q: How many people go to the camp?
A: Camp will be limited to only 250 participants. All 250 spots will probably fill up by June 10th at the latest.
Q: What is the camper-counselor ratio?
A: 7:1 at the most. This does not include other staff members.
Q: How can someone get in contact with me at the camp?
A: The number at the Hotel Elegante Conference & Event Center is (719) 576-5900. A rooming list will be at the front desk.
Q: Can I request a roommate?
A: Yes, please send your request with your registration or e-mail it to Coach Ramsey by June 30th.