"The camp was great. I had a lot of fun. I loved it! I am coming back next year. No questions

-- Kaly (KK) Prather


"This camp has an incredible wealth of knowledge to offer for those athletes wanting to take
their running to the next level, whether competing at the high school, college or world level.
The Omega Wave testing alone is worth going to camp for. You will learn your exact heart rate
for your different energy systems. This enables you to train smarter and more efficiently.
Training using the different energy systems at my exact heart rates has been a rewarding tool for
me. I have been able to train less, but get more from workouts. No other camp can provide this
kind of information in the US! Aside from the Omega Wave, the second best thing of the camp
has got to be the talent show! (It's worth going to camp just to see that!)"

-- Adam Perkins


"Overall I had a great time at camp. I liked all of my roommates. I would recommend this camp
to other runners because I think they would learn a lot from it."

-- Trisa Nickoley


"I would recommend this camp to others, you have changed me. I had an awesome time here and
learned a lot. I met a lot of people and I will come back next year. I loved all of my
roommates, counselors and of course Mr. Ramsey."

-- Megan Winkelmann


"I would recommend it to my friends and teammates. I learned A LOT! It's a great camp for all
of your team, not just individuals. I plan on coming here next year. This camp helped me decide
that I want to run in college =)"

-- Lauren White


"I would recommend this camp because it was more than just running, it was a learning camp."

-- Ryan Wilson


"I would recommend it to my teammates because it was tons of fun, I got to know people and it was
very educational."

-- Alysha Galbraith


"The people here are great! Everyone shares your enthusiasm of running which makes for a great
time! It was well ran and organized."

-- Ryan Whipple


"I had soooo much fun! I want to give special thanks for Ann Marie (Brooks) and Amy (Chipman)!
They were always there for us, and whenever we went somewhere, they always came. I felt like I
could ask them anything! I would also want to thank ALL people who put on this camp! I would
definitely recommend this to everyone!! I loved it!"

-- Mallory Anne Champa


"The altitude wasn't too high and it wasn't too low, which seemed to fit my training best. Every
run was diverse to each person; some people were running for an hour and others ran a lot less.
There was always something fun to do and there were a ton of social activities. So, nobody
really gets left out. It just might be the best camp in the country."

-- Scott Kaserman


"The camp was a lot of fun and it showed me I need to run for the right reasons and be patient
with what I am doing in my training."

-- Kelli Denny


"This is a great camp for runners and teams at all levels. Coaches and athletes can learn,
train, and have fun at the same time."

-- Colten Green


"I would definitely recommend this to any serious cross country, track or distance athlete
because it gives you a lot of useful information about correct nutrition, correct training, and
the correct race mentality. Plus, they made it fun and entertaining."

-- Mica Land

              COACHES   COMMENTS

If you are looking for a running camp for your cross country team, I recommend the Smarter Training for
Faster Running Cross Country camp. This running camp is a combination of an appropriate training plan,
educational activities, fun & games and Omega Wave testing. In addition, the camp counselors are top
notch runners themselves which helps motivate the athletes in attendance. I've sent several athletes
from my team to this camp and I recommend it to any coach and athlete wanting to learn a great deal
while having fun and enjoying a rewarding camp experience.


Garry Sigle
Riley County HS
Riley, KS


The Smarter Training Camp in Colorado is a great opportunity for any athlete &/or coach to learn a
tremendous amount about distance running, while at the same time have a lot of fun in the process.
The camp provides each athlete with a unique individualized perspective on what it takes to become
a better distance runner. The counselors at the camp are second to none. National and world class
athletes mentor and share their experiences of their pathways to success. I recommend the camp to
anyone that wants to have a fun experience which will take them to the next level as a distance runner
or coach.


Jesse Griffin
Head Girls CC/T&F Coach
Lee's Summit West HS
Lee's Summit, MO


Our team has attended the Smarter Training for Faster Running Cross Country Camp since 2010.
The camp has been extremely beneficial to our programs success. We completely changed our
training routine to fit into the training principles discussed at the camp and have seen paramount
benefits in our runners overall fitness levels, in faster race times and with fewer injuries. For the
cost, experience and information presented, you will not find a better camp in the country. Coach
Ramsey and his counselors do a great job of involving all runners in activities and breaking down
the instruction on an individual level. Our runners were able to take information from this camp to
help them become a more complete distance runner. We will be back again next year.


Andy Brown
Guymon High CC Coach
Guymon, OK


I have taken both my men's & women's teams to Coach Ramsey's camp in Colorado. I feel the
information delivered to the kids was some of the best information I've ever heard presented anywhere.
His attention to detail in the lectures and his staff provide one of the best camp experiences a high
school coach along with the team can achieve. His staff of collegian/post collegians give the kids the
insight they need to make crucial decisions in their training and how to get to the next level. Several
of my kids have kept in touch with their counselors years after having attended the camp. Definitely
a camp worth attending for the coach looking to get the information to get the team to reach their
training and racing goals.


Greg Christensen
Lovejoy High School
Lucas, TX


I have had numerous runners attend the Smarter Training for Faster Running Cross Country Camp. My
runners have attended other camps and nothing compares to the knowledge that they have gained at this
camp. The Omega Wave machine is state of the art and definitely takes the guess work out of planning
workouts. My entire team now trains using heart rate monitors and we have seen a huge dropoff in late
season injuries due to this type of training. This camp educates the complete runner and helps the
athlete develop a smart training method that will provide benefits throughout their running career. The
camp has definitely helped us take our program to the next level.


Mark Vollmer
Penney High CC Coach
Hamilton, MO


I was introduced to this training program over 20 years ago when Coach Ramsey was my college coach.
He has always encouraged everyone to succeed regardless of ability and his camp does the same. I have
found over the years that my cross country kids come back from camp with an exceptional knowledge of the
different energy systems of the body. They learn valuable information about applying their heart rate to their
training. They are excited to put their knowledge from the camp into their summer training program. This
camp is not just about is about learning and life. This is by far one of the best cross country
camps in the country and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


Matt Chance
Bowling Green HS
Bowling Green, MO


The Smarter Training Camp was definitely a unique experience. I had the opportunity to go with one of
my athletes and it was neat to be able to discuss game and activity ideas with her throughout the week.
We also got to discuss what we needed to focus on for our team. It was great to see some of the
thoughts and technique ideas reinforced that I taught. I learned some new nutritional, training &
injury prevention information that has helped me be a better coach. The staff was great! It has also
been nice to be able to contact Coach Ramsey at any time.


Rena Mick
Bennington High School
Bennington, KS


I first attended the Smarter Training for Faster Running Cross Country camp in 2010. After learning the
concepts behind the training, I was excited to take this knowledge back to Allen and share it with the
rest of the team. The athletes that went with me had a great time and learned a great deal as well. By
the end of the season we were posting faster times than any team I had coached in Allen. Besides
improving our times, this type of training reduced the number of injuries and the severity of the injuries
we experienced during the season. When I have any questions about anything in our training schedule
Coach Ramsey is more than happy to answer my questions. We were able to get our newest team
members Omega Wave tested this year in order make sure that they are training correctly. "Training
smarter, not harder" is a great philosophy and using the heart rate monitors correctly has allowed this
to happen for my teams.


Kirk Trent
Allen High School
Allen, TX


If you are looking for an awesome experience for you and your team, this is it! What better way to prepare
for the season and the future but to be on the same page with your athletes. Come spend a week with
Ramsey at the Smarter Training Camp with your team and never be the same again. You and your team
will learn to train smarter and more efficiently while having fun and being motivated all at the same time. This
is a proven training program and one that I have used with our team for the last 15 years. Athletes love it!


Lindall Cox
Holcomb High School
Holcomb, KS


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